Requesting Records & Non NHS Services

Private Work

The doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are entitled to charge for some items of work.  NHS work is free at the point of contact, and involves seeing the doctor for a normal consultation, home visits or minor surgery.  You will not be charged for NHS work.

Non NHS services such as medical reports, insurance claim forms, or letters requested for work, school are dealt with on a private fee basis. 

We cannot guarantee how long it will take the doctors to complete private work.  As a guideline please allow between 6 to 8 weeks to process your request. Please be aware that this may be longer during busy periods as NHS work has to take priority over private work.

If you require an urgent report please ask to speak to one of our secretaries who will be able to advise on completion time or expedite your request (additional charges may apply)

NHS Work

We collect some information from your medical records, so that we can carry out our duties for the health and care service in England.

Where we store and use data collected from medical records, it is mostly held in the form of codes rather than words. We can check if there is any information about you stored in our collections. Where there is, we will send you an electronic copy. We will give you a list of the codes used to help you understand the information we give you.

Where we process data about you, you can request to see it free of charge. A reasonable fee may be charged in some cases, for example if repeated requests are made.

Please note that we provide electronic copies of your GP records and that you will need to supply a USB data device (which must be sealed).