Integrated Neighbourhood

Why have they been created?  

One of our core principles is that, where possible, care should be delivered close to your home as possible. We want to provide the best care across the area, but we also know that some local areas have different requirements. We know that health outcomes in the North are poorer than in the rest of Cambridgeshire; this means that more people are affected by including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other conditions or circumstances that impact their life expectancy. We have a strong focus on addressing health inequalities and we are continually looking at ways to align services and support to help our local patients, so we can deliver the care according to the needs of local people in individual areas. 

How does it work?  

The Integrated Neighbourhood Teams work with wider partners in their local area, making sure that wider issues of health and wellbeing can be addressed. These partners include social care, health and the independent and voluntary sector all working together. Each Integrated Neighbourhood serves a population of between 30,000-50,000 people.  

These Integrated Neighbourhood Teams build on Primary Care Networks (PCNs) that have existed in our area for some time. In the North we have 13 Primary Care Networks, with a vision to evolve all 13 of our Primary Care Networks into Integrated Neighbourhood Teams.